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Sports Discovery Camp is a sport camp like no one you ever saw! That is because sports are our secret weapon to building great people, not the opposite! We provide opportunities for youth to try multiple sports in a fun and non-competitive environment. Our unique program places a strong emphasis on our four core concepts: fun, confidence, teamwork and leadership. How?

Innovative Programming!

Amazing Equipment!

We believe participating in sports should:

– be fun and enjoyable for all athletes;

– teach values such as confidence, teamwork; leadership; respect for sport, themselves and others

– provide opportunities for young athletes to start developing and improving upon their self-confidence and leadership skills.

We believe that all youth, regardless of talent and skill, have the right to play sports in an atmosphere that encourages inspires athletes regardless of their age, size or talent.

Choose one of our 9 locations and join Sports Discovery Camp for a summer that will be remarkable!!!