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Amazing Equipment!

No other sports camp is as committed as Sports Discovery Camp (SDC) to having the best equipment possible for your children to enjoy their summer camp experience. Here are a few examples that can be found at various SDC locations:

Basketball Shooting Machine

The Basketball Shooter helps campers build confidence with their shooting skills and most importantly, adds an element of fun to shooting hoops. 

The Basketball Shooter offers the best value in programmable, fully automatic basketball machines in the market today. The machine automatically returns the ball to the shooter after each shot which provides the athlete with more shots in a minute than retrieving the ball manually. More shots equals better skill which equals better fun!

The Basketball shooting machine is completely customizable to every athlete so that balls can be managed at the skill level and pace of each athlete. SDC is committed to having the latest in technological advancement in sports at each of our 9 locations in our first year and is in the process of purchasing even more equipment that will make Sports Discovery Camp a leader in fun and confidence-building sports summer camps in Canada!

The s4025 is completely programmable and operated by the coach to place birds that are just challenging enough for the athlete to get to, but allows them to get to them so they can experience, and build upon, their success.

Badminton Shooting Machine

One of the challenges of building confidence in a sport is to be able to play with someone that can help you improve. In badminton, for instance, if both players can’t hit the bird it is hard for either to improve. SDC has purchased the s4025 Badminton Shooter to help solve this problem. The s4025 will constantly shoot birds at the athlete at a speed and arc that allows them time to track, focus and hit the bird.

More opportunities to make contact with the bird = more fun!

Fit Light Training System 5.0

Sports Discovery Camp has purchased the Fit Light Training System 5.0 for each SDC camp this summer. It is a system that can be used for every sport and can be adapted for every athlete’s skill level.

As with every product SDC introduces at its summer camps, the Fit Light Training System 5.0 can be programmed for any speed, any level. This makes it possible for every athlete to have success, not just the super fast ones. Athletes love seeing immediate success by turning lights off with a motion of their hand and, over time, they will see their performance improve. 


Sports Discovery Camp is committed to building the confidence in your child. See you this summer!

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