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Welcome to our Cambridge Sports Discovery Camp. We are returning to Cambridge after an incredible first year. We are very excited to offer new games and sports! Having fun, developing confidence, inspiring teamwork through Sport… There is no better way to spend the summer!

Over 15 different Sports for you to have fun this summer!

Address: Cambridge Sports Park:
1001 Franklin Blvd, Cambridge, ON N1R 8B5

Age: 6 – 14

Have fun at Sports Discovery Camp!
Have fun at Sports Discovery Camp!

Campers have access to baseball diamonds, volleyball courts, outdoor patio areas and lots of grass to run around in. A large, open parking lot leading to the main entrance makes camper drop off and pick up a breeze! 

How about playing some ping-pong this summer? Table tennis (or Ping Pong) requires speed, agility and communication when playing doubles. Playing the alternate shot format is a great way to develop communication and leadership but really it’s just a super fun sport that kids love!

This is one of multiple incredible games campers will learn at Sports Discovery Camp!

Is this camp already full? Check our Locations page for other options…

√  Drop-off and pick up instructions: 

Drop off/pick up area is located at the main entrance. Please, follow directional signage.

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