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Hey Tillsonburg, Sports Discovery Camp is back in your town after being sold-out in the first year. Join us for a fun-filled week of sports, confidence building, team building and leadership development!

Address: Tillsonburg Seniors Centre: 45 Hardy Avenue. Tillsonburg, Ontario N4G 3W9
Age: 6 – 14

Cost $199/week
August 24th – August 28th
Have fun at SDC!
Have fun at SDC!

Welcome to the second year of Sports Discovery Camp. Can you believe over 1,200 campers attended last summer? Not bad for our first year! Tillsonburg was our biggest success with waiting lists… If you didn’t make last year, hurry and register now to guarantee your spot!
The Tillsonburg Seniors Centre comes fully equipped with an air-conditioned meeting room, indoor washrooms and cold water for campers to fill their water bottle throughout the day.

This location is surrounded by multiple baseball diamonds, tons of green space and even tennis courts. A large, open parking lot at the side of the building makes camper drop off and pick up a slam dunk!

While we have fun, how about developing leadership skills? Ball Hockey – “Asteroids” will be our tool to provide an amazing time. This is a game where everyone has the opportunity to lead and everyone gets amused trying to knock that asteroid off!

Is this camp already full? Check our Locations page for other options…

√  Drop-off and pick up instructions: 

Drop off/pick up area is located at the main entrance. Please, follow directional signage.

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