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Ontario Ball Hockey Association

Sports Discovery Camp (SDC) is pleased to announce our collaboration with the Ontario Ball Hockey Association (OBHA) which recently involved a training day for SDC staff in Innerkip, Ontario. Representatives from OBHA spent the day with our staff teaching aspects of ball hockey such as technique, skills and strategy. The entire staff of SDC had a great time, improved their skills  and can now incorporate specific aspects of ball hockey training into our summer program.

The partnership also includes activity review and the possibility of SDC assisting to establish new ball hockey sites in Ontario.

Badminton Canada

Sports Discovery Camp (SDC) embraces the Shuttle Time program which shares the common philosophy with SDC that children should lead a healthy and active life. SDC staff have been trained in the program and incorporate its aspects into our programming. The training is offered through Badminton Ontario and ensures that children have fun, engage with others and experience success. This aligns with SDC’s mandate of having fun while building confidence and providing a positive experience for campers.

Shuttle Time created resources for teachers such as drills, videos and lessons and was launched by Badminton World Federation (BWF) in 2012.

Sports Discovery Camp is looking forward to an ongoing collaboration with Badminton Canada is all aspects of the sport and has purchased badminton feeding machines for some of its locations that will assist the athletes in learning the sport.

Dodgeball Canada

Dodgeball is a wonderful sport for game play and for game action. The sport helps develop agility and is often used as a warm up activity for other sports. Sports Discovery Camp (SDC) is pleased to be collaborating with Dodgeball Canada in ensuring the games and activities presented at camp level adhere to national standards.

Dodgeball has leagues across Canada providing playing opportunities for youth who want to take their game to the next level. SDC has five activities involving different dodgeball games and techniques that it utilizes that are fun and engaging for young campers. We are looking forward to tons of fun with dodgeball this summer as one of our SDC approved sports!

Ontario Ultimate

Sports Discovery Camp is pleased to announce its partnership with Ontario Ultimate, the governing sport for Ultimate (formerly known as Ultimate Frisbee or Disc) in the province of Ontario. The partnership will involve members of Ultimate training SDC staff in the sport, providing information for campers at SDC regarding Ultimate opportunities in the province, collaborating with SDC on activities used at camp level and providing proper equipment.

The sport of Ultimate emphasizes sportsmanship through the spirit of the game which is consistent with SDC values. It is easy to play for athletes of all skill level and promotes just being active. SDC looks forward to working with Ontario Ultimate.

Pickleball Canada

Sports Discovery Camp (SDC) and Pickleball Ontario are jointly working together to feature the sport of Pickleball at SDC camps across Ontario. The sport of Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in North America and has really caught on in Canada. Pickleball is a sport that is inclusive in that it can be enjoyed by all, which is consistent with SDC core values.
The nature of the partnership will include finding ways for the sport of pickleball to be enjoyed by youth and providing information to them on where to play in Ontario. As well, collaboration will include training of SDC staff, activity review, equipment advice and many other great opportunities. SDC is looking forward to working with Pickleball Ontario and helping to grow this sport through inclusion at our summer camps.
Pickleball Ontario and SDC are excited to partner up to introduce this great sport!
See you on the courts!
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