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Model 6526

$10,145.00 USD

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Comes with an elegant remote control where you can control the speed, frequency and spin on the ball as well as the horizontal and vertical distribution of the ball. 

Helps the players develop better touches on the ball and improve their vision and movement on and off the ball.

Can be used to significantly develop goaltending skills. The machine can rotate and shoot balls at the net so a goalie can get practise without needing a person there. 

This machine will improve a players ability to receive through balls, crosses, and will help them feel more confident on the ball. 

Excellent to use in passing drills to improve a players awareness on the field and passing. 

Can be used to practise corner kicks, long range shooting and hitting the ball on initial contact. Can also be used to help players develop heading accuracy.

High performing sensors increases stability and reliability.

The remote control LCD screen makes operation clear and easy.

Conveniently, set the depth of the two-line, three-line, near, far and cross field balls using the remote.

Random function feeds the ball all over the field.

Able to control different types of spin on the ball when it’s released from the machine. Also able to choose from a range of different speeds the ball is released at.

Adjust the angle of inclination so the athlete can practice receiving balls with or without spin.

Self feeding system makes it easy for training

Placement function: Able to swing in balls to specific areas in the penalty box to practice heading and finishing.

Durable wear and tear resistant wheels

Colour: Black

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