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Table Tennis Machines

Model 899

$584.00 USD

Quantity Left: 10

Free S&H in North America (while quantities last)

Good for practicing forehand, backhand, attacking, blocking, chopping, slicing & smashing the ball.

No matter what skill level you are this machine will help you improve your skills.


Use the remote to conveniently adjust the speed, frequency, horizontal and vertical angle and the spin on the ball. 

Random Function – Shoots the ball at various speeds and frequency to a fixed spot on the table. 

Horizontal Function: Divides the table into left and right and has options to alternate shots to those spots thereby allowing the player to practice full table movement and footwork as well as simulate playing an opponent.

Ball capacity: 80 

The LCD screen makes the remote control clear and easy to operate.

AC 100V–240V

Accessories comes standard: Remote control, power adapter, connect cable and recovery net

Automatic ball recycling systems allows for continuous training.

Colour: Black

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