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Model 6638

$13,768.00 USD

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Comes with an elegant remote control where you can control the speed, spin, frequency, horizontal and vertical distribution of the ball. 

Helps the athlete with digging, spiking and setting.

Excellent for team practises and working on different skills. 

Capacity: 30 balls

The machine is portable, fits into the trunk of any car and fits through a standard doorway.

Able to adjust the settings for half court or full court.

Microcomputer multi-function with remote control, remote control distance is greater than 100 meters.

The transmitter can adjust the elevation of the head. When elevated the machine can send downward spikes to athletes; when lowered the machine can send balls upwards to the athletes.

Includes a variety of remote capabilities such as: Pause, speed, frequency, serve floaters, and spinning or swinging of the ball.

Height Extension: 2.9 meters

Placement Function: Able to program the exact point you would like the ball released at to practice different sets and spikes

Colour: Blue and yellow (as pictured)

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